Talia Manning, Paralegal


Talia Manning brings considerable experience to her role as a paralegal at Enterprise Legal. Having worked diligently in a prominent law firm in Brisbane for over five years, Talia has acquired valuable practical knowledge in the legal field. This substantial background equips her with a solid foundation and enables her to contribute effectively to the team's endeavours.

One of Talia's standout qualities is her innate ability to connect with people effortlessly. Her natural affinity for individuals, coupled with a genuine enjoyment of attending social functions, enables her to establish meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Talia's warm and approachable demeanour creates a welcoming atmosphere, fostering open communication and trust within the legal environment.

Talia's passion for law and psychology intertwines seamlessly with her work style. She has meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the intricate factors involved in legal matters. This comprehensive approach allows her to analyse cases comprehensively, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Moreover, Talia's unwavering desire to assist others propels her to go above and beyond, making her an invaluable collaborator for individuals embarking on their legal journeys.

As a paralegal, Talia Manning epitomises the dedication, professionalism, and commitment to excellence that defines Enterprise Legal. Her practical experience, coupled with her creative background and affinity for people, positions her as a valuable asset within the firm.

Contact Talia at (07) 4646 2536 or email

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