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5 Changes to the REIQ Commercial Contracts in 2022

On 21 July 2022, the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) released new versions of the Contract for Commercial Land and Buildings (9th edition) and the Contract for Commercial Lots in a Community Titles Scheme (8th edition).

The latest editions contain many amendments that have been made to align with the recently-amended REIQ Residential contracts that came into effect earlier this year, as well as some further changes made specifically to these commercial contracts:


New Termination Rights

Buyers now have a termination right if there is:

  1. an error in the boundaries or area of the property;
  2. an encroachment by structures onto or from the property;
  3. there are services that pass through the property which do not service the land and are not protected by an encumbrance disclosed to the Buyer in the contract; or
  4. a mistake or omission in describing the property of the Seller’s title to it.

Equally, should there be any services to the property that pass through other land (e.g. a neighbouring property) that are not protected by a registered easement, building management statement or statutory authority and it has not been disclosed to by the Seller to the Buyer in writing before the Buyer has signed the contract, the Buyer may terminate the contract.


So what does this technical jargon actually mean? It means that it is vital that sellers complete searches such as a ‘Dial Before You Dig’ or similar prior to entering into the Contract, so that they are aware of the location of all services and any potential encroachments or errors in boundaries which may need to be disclosed to the Buyer. Failure to do this could give the buyer a convenient excuse to terminate the Contract later down the track.  


Warranty of Present Use

The standard REIQ Contracts now stipulate that the seller does not warrant that the Present Use that is noted in the Contract is lawful. For example, this means that even though the present use of the property might be a ‘gym’ or ‘fitness centre’, that does not mean that a gym of fitness centre is lawfully allowed to be carried on from the property. . Further, in clause 7.7(1), if the present use is not lawful under the relevant town planning scheme, and the Seller has not disclosed that to the Buyer, the Buyer may terminate the contract. 


Consequently, it is very important for buyers to consider whether the use of the property is lawful for a particular use and to ensure they undertake appropriate due diligence to verify this, instead of simply ‘taking the Seller’s word’ for it. Equally, as a Seller, it is important to disclose if you are unsure whether the current use of the property is lawful. We highly recommend disclosure to the Buyer even if you are unsure to avoid the buyer relying on potential termination rights in this regard. 


Lease Warranties

Clause 10.3 now provides a large list of matters the Seller warrants that are correct as at the contract date in relation to current leases over the property. If there is a change in any way to these warranties during the Contract period (eg. between when the Contract is signed and settlement), the Seller must notify the Buyer of the change. 


Settlement Extensions

This new concept allows either party to unilaterally extend Settlement by up to 5 Business Days after the Scheduled Settlement Date specified in the Contract. This mechanism only applies to Settlement and does not apply to other conditions like the Finance or Building and Pest Condition. 


Default Place for Settlement

The standard condition has been amended so that if a Seller does not advise the specific location for Settlement (e.g. the specific law firm) at least 2 Business Days before the Settlement Date, Settlement will be required to take place at the Titles Office closest to where the land is located. Given the erroneous results this condition could result in, we recommend including a Special Condition to amend it.



There have been some significant changes made in the latest REIQ Contract updates for commercial buildings and units and it is important that parties understand what these mean and include appropriate Special Conditions to amend the Standard Condition if required. 


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