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Upcoming Changes to Land Tax in Queensland

UPDATE: On the 30 September 2022 the Queensland Government shelved the proposed changes to Queensland and Interstate land tax obligation.

These changes that were set to come into effect next year, and will now be deferred in parliament, the previous Queensland Land Tax requirements will remain in place.


What is Land Tax?

Land Tax is a State tax that is calculated based on the value of ‘freehold land’ (including vacant land and land that is built on) that you own in Queensland, calculated at midnight on 30 June each year. The rate you pay is based on several factors including:

  1. the type of owner that you are (eg. an individual, a company, a Trust etc.);
  2. whether you own the land jointly with other people;
  3. the value of the land; and
  4. if you are eligible for any exemptions (eg. if the land includes your principle place of residence).

Put simply, if the total value of your land is:

  • $350,000 or more – for absentees, companies, trustees of trusts and superannuation funds; or
  • $600,000 or more – for individuals and trustees of special disability trusts;

then you will be paying land tax (unless you have an exemption)!


What’s Changing?

Currently, Land Tax is exclusively calculated on the value of the land that you own in Queensland, however from 30 June 2023, Land Tax will be calculated on the value of all land owned by you throughout Australia. The threshold amounts for land tax will remain the same, causing many individuals and companies to pay Land Tax, where previously they did not have to.

Of course, if you only own land in Queensland these changes will not affect you and you will still be able to claim any exemptions applicable to you.


Consequences if You Own Land Outside of Queensland

Your interstate land will be valued according to the valuation legislation in the State or Territory in which it is located. This is referred to as the ‘statutory value’ and this value will be totalled with your Queensland land values and it may push you over the limit causing you to incur Land Tax where previously you were exempt.

If this is you – you will need to set up a QRO (Queensland Revenue Office) Online account and complete the declaration for all of your Australian held land.



Of course, there are plenty of exemptions available in relation to the Land Tax, so check if you are eligible before parting with your money!

If you need assistance with determining your eligibility or if you want to appeal a Land Tax assessment from the Queensland Revenue Office, contact our experienced Property Law team today:

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